Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Powered By Chocolate Milk Giveaway!!

Hi Everyone!
I love chocolate milk.  I think you know that.  As you know, I’m a proud Powered by Chocolate Milk ambassador, and I have some big news!! And this is no April Fool's - this is #fo-real.  What an awesome way to start kicking off your spring thing, no matter what the sport, crazy goal or race.

I have 5 prize packs to give away.  Want to see what's in them? Check out the photo below!

Awesome, right? Yes, I would like to win one, but I'm out of the running, but you're not and it's all yours (well, could be!) if you enter.  Entering the giveaway definitely increases your chances of winning by 100% (compared to not entering :)

What a sweet package for active, happy chocolate milk drinking people!  There's a $50 Running Room gift card, an aluminum water bottle, dri-fit shirt, and of course chocolate milk!  And you could win it - it's SUPER easy! 

To enter, leave a comment below with details on your favourite post-workout recovery tip.  I want to hear them all - even if you think it's crazy - if you like it, it's gold.  Let us know! 
Then, tweet to me, “I just entered to win a @pbchocolatemilk prize pack on @gillianliz blog. #pbcm”

Tada.  Soooo easy. The only thing easier is drinking free chocolate milk.  Which you might be doing...
At the end of the week on Friday April 11, I’ll be announcing the names of five lucky winners. Don’t forget to follow me so I can get your contact information! Winners must live in Western Canada. 

That's it, that's all.  I hope you win!  Can't wait to hear your entries!

In the meantime, here's how I'm recovering these days - with a growing happy healthy baby who wants everything I eat :)

Good luck everyone! xo