Sunday, October 2, 2011

You Just Got Chicked. New Sponsor!
Hi everyone,

 I just wanted to send out a quick note to let you all know about my awesome new sponsor!  You have to check them out!  They're also on facebook, so look them up!


Chick: -noun. The woman who just passed you.
Chicked: -verb. The act of getting passed by a stronger woman athlete.


CHICKED focuses on empowering women athletes, professionals and life-livers to get out and compete in all aspects of the Game of Life. With a spirit of female camaraderie and a bit of competitiveness, we announce our strength. We know we can do it and we are assuring the people we pass along the way are well informed!
CHICKED started in Minneapolis, by two “chicks” – Jennifer Martin and Gretchen Heim, has taken off and is proud to be empowering women with attitude-inspiring athletic wear.

These super cool girls have come on board to help a fellow chick athlete out - I am super happy!  They have attitude - the best kind of attitude.  If you haven't seen the "You Just Got Chicked" shirts & apparel yet then go check it out at  Or run behind me, whatever works.

I've been modest in lots of ways in my life, but I really see no point in being modest about my ability to pass the boys on the run.  They may get me in the bike and the swim, but I'm coming to get them on the run course!  Can't wait to chick some boys in out dudes.

Maybe they should make a Kona version of the shirt that says, "You Just Got Chicked Brah".


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