Thursday, January 19, 2012

exciting news!

I'm very excited to announce some of the new sponsors & ambassador programs I will be working with in 2012!  I feel so lucky as I already have some great people & companies helping me out (Aquadiva, Reflect Sports, so what a dream team to be working with all of these groups in 2012!


I'm very happy to be partnering with John at Pacific Multisport on Main Street in Vancouver.  It's very exciting to get a tri specific bike and John's been very helpful with me making this change over.  I'm ok with admitting I need a lot of help with the technicalities of bicycles and I've been able to ask almost all the stupid questions and not feel stupid at all (I can fix a broken chain though - can you?).  This will also be the first time I've ever had a real bike fit - so that can't be anything but great news for my body on my bike!  Knowledge is power (and power is leg zoom), and I can tell I'm going to learn a few things about biking this year.
Visit this great shop for a super relaxed feel, a great place to ask questions & feel at home.  In my eyes, small business with solid values are where it's at.  Support your neighbourhood economy & shop local!


Always a fan of compression, I've very excited to come on board as an ambassador for this great company.  I took a pair of lovely hot pink sleeves to Kona for some taper training and recovery and they became daily essentials following the race.  It's not pretty but I get cankles and being able to wear cute pink sleeves really helped in the week following the race.  I'm very excited to try out more of their gear in 2012!
These will be part and parcel of my plan of attack (and plan of rest & recovery) and I am excited to wear these puppies during a swim (did you know that Compressport products remain lightweight even when wet?).  Follow me along this year on twitter & facebook to see how they're working for me!
And hot pink?  What else could a girl ask for?  Right....sparkly gems?  They've got those too.  Solid.


So exciting!  Some of you may have been privy to my new obsession with skate skiing, and you may recognize this logo as the creation of Chandra Crawford, Canadian XC skier extraordinaire.  No, they haven't accepted me onto Team Canada (yet?).  I stumbled upon this group in my spare time while reading about Canadian women in sport - so many of them are connected to this organization and I am very excited to be a part of this amazing group of women!  This group's mandate is to encourage the participation of girls 9-19 build confidence and leadership through sport.  Truly awesome.

 I've always wanted to give back and help girls because as a kid I had so many great role models and so much encouragement, but it's hard to know what to do in an organized way.  I've worked in non-profit groups and it takes a lot of work to get these projects off the ground so it's great that this is up and running already.  I encourage you to go over to their website and take a peek at what's going on and who's involved - inspiration abounds!

Time to put a little zing in some 4000m swim sets!  I'm very happy to announce my acceptance to the H2O audio sponsored rider team!  I love music when training but I'm definitely aware of safety issues when being around cars, darkness and other scary things - but I'm safe in the pool (well, rogue paddles and crazy backstrokers aside) and I'm very excited to be able to be swimming along to some of my favourite tunes.  Music is definitely motivating and helps me get solid training done.  Music isn't 'cheating' - to me it's FUN & a great time to reward that music loving part of my brain.  I've spent a lot of lonely hours underwater and am very excited to have music along for the ride with me this year.  Part of me does wonder that H20 audio will be so awesome I'll never stop using it....


I'm very excited to announce my new ambassadorship with GOTRIbal!  This is a great organization that focuses on supporting women in endurance sport - there are SO many ways they do it!  You'll have to check out to get all the info (there is a LOT!) but I'm very honoured to be working alongside this terrific group of women who are all moving forward in building a network to encourage women at all levels of support.  I think the great thing about GOTRIbal is that they realize what makes sport and that is reflected upfront in their values: "humility, service and empowerment, inclusivity, and fun"!  Sport is much more than just a race, and my life is what is it is largely due to the beauty of sport.  GOTRIbal is based on a 'pay it forward' type process - and I have certainly been the recipient and am looking forward to giving back in 2012.  It's a win-win for everyone, how great is that?

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