Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ironman Canada 2011 photolog

Here's a collection of photos I've found so far for IMC 2011.....still have to download some from our camera - updates to continue!

see white frothy area near buoy...i am in there throwing elbows!

smiling on richters' pass.  because i love to climb :)
(photo: Teresa Nightingale)

a good butt/hamstring/calf combo...also i think my helmet looks cooler from the back (if it looks cool at all - debatable)
(photo: Teresa Nightingale)

thanks to Teresa Nightingale for the Richters' Pass photos!

riding back into town...

still smiling- who knew?

running out of town past one of my fan clubs!

shoeslaces appeared tied - bonus

the pass.  i love passing.

pretty lonely run back to home base

down main st.  unbelievable support! and it appears, first bit of shade :)

i missed it but so glad to know it was there!  

fan club corner again - love it!

couldn't wave - hands holding ice to stay cool

still running, still happy

Coming back into town

main street fans!  chalk art rules - i spent a lot of time staring at the ground and it helps!

the finish line - lovely lovely thing

likely sweatiest hug ever - thanks lea!

most patient person ever

Big thanks to Sue Safadi, Kelsey Mulvihill, and Teresa Nightingale for the photos!!

Here are a couple videos we've uploaded to youtube

and the awards part 

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