Thursday, July 21, 2011


I'm very excited to announce that I have joined the Aquadiva team!

Aquadiva is a wonderful swimwear company from Australia who support a group of girls who are working hard in their water sports.  I am so excited to be a part of their team of absolutely amazing girls!  I would like to congratulate Aquadiva on being so welcoming of another international athlete to their team - I'm proud to be a part of it.  The other athletes sponsored by Aquadiva are amazing girls & I highly recommend you check out their results - so inspiring!

I train in Aquadiva and obviously love their swimwear.  It's so nice to have training suits that you are excited to wear to the pool - and can be comfortable in.  I started swimming a couple of years ago and I've always had the same boring one or two suits that gave me absolutely no happiness when I put them on.  That changed when I found Aquadiva!  Learning to swim was tough - but the rewards have been amazing and swimming is fast becoming one of my favourite sports.  Now I feel like a kid in a candy store with my Aquadivas - so many colours - it makes me excited to swim now more than ever!  And swim faster!

I think to succeed in sport, or life, or just about anything - you need to have fun along the way, and Aquadiva certainly understands that concept.  I'm very excited to have Aquadiva as my first sponsor and represent their gorgeous swimwear.

Click here to view the Aquadiva Sponsorship site.  Aquadiva has been very generous to donate part of their sales directly to the athlete.  So, you can click through my profile and when your purchase is all said and done, you're directly supporting me as an athlete - how great is that?  It's important that you go through this link because that is the only way Aquadiva can track that you wanted to support me.  You may never have heard of Aquadiva, but I encourage you to go and check it out - I bet you'll have a hard time narrowing down what you want to get!

Happy Swimming!

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