Tuesday, December 14, 2010

winter nights and christmas lights

I grumble a lot about the winter's cold and rain, and dream about days were you can finish your run and nap on the grass in the sun.  I give winter a hard time, but sometimes it's exactly what I need.  

There's something special about running along in the dark, surrounded by a big dark sky and twinkling lights.  And I forget, that on those sticky, hot, stifling days of summer, I wish for a day where I can run in a cool breeze or in the snow.  Happy to be bundled up in warm mitts and toques, and not trying to escape the scorching summer's sun.

Tonight I was running over Granville Street bridge and looking down at a miniature Granville Island, decked in strings of holiday lights all along the streets.  It was a bit cool and breezy on the bridge, the cold nipping into my gloves, but as I looked all around Vancouver was looking so pretty, with lights all along False Creek.  Sailboats below me were lit up all along their masts.  It made me happy - it reminded me of when I was a kid, and all the fishing boats would light up their boats and parade along the shore. 

Where I grew up there are no skyscrapers or big buildings, no backdrop of hillsides filled with lights.  Where I grew up, a single string of lights lit up the entire black sea around it, and you could see it from miles away.  As a kid it was a treat to see lights at night.  Now I'm surrounded by lights, and although I miss the true darkness and the boats on the water, I'm grateful for the lights around our city and the company they keep me in on dark winter runs.  

As a good excuse to get out and do an easy run, I challenge anyone who reads this to get out and do a holiday run - pay attention to the season around you and see what the world has to offer your heart.

"It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air"
W.T. Ellis

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